About us

Our Story

How did it all begin?… Well… being a hard working Mum of two, balancing life demands and being careful with money, regularly going without to allow the best for my children, I often dreamed of having the look of the ‘Sterling Silver Stretch Jewellery Stack’ that was becoming increasingly popular.  Shopping around I was shocked by the cost and prices being charged.  Unwilling to pay so much, with household spending being prioritised elsewhere, and being quite resourceful, I decided to look at how the products were made, and ended up making a few items for myself… and so this grew….generating interest from family and close friends who I made jewellery pieces for.  I quickly realised there were many women out there like me, who were being priced out of this particular look…and so the idea was born…which is now Jolee Jewellery…with our core value as it was from the beginning ‘To provide high quality jewellery pieces at affordable prices’ we are now in our 9th year of business.  After a rapid start and highly successful first year a conscious family decision was made to keep the business as a manageable smaller scale second income, so we maintained our fantastic customer base and continued to stick to our principles and core value, with steady regular custom and growth through word of mouth…Now, with children growing up and becoming more self-sufficient, we have more time to dedicate to the continued growth of the business and have decided to launch our website, we thank those loyal customers and everyone who has supported us along the way…and regardless of the growth of this family business we will remain true to our principles of ‘quality and affordability’.  Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you like our products…

All About The Name

So Jolee…where did it originate…sometimes people call me Jolee…nice guess, but not quite… When deciding to start a business after the business idea is born, you start planning…you have a great idea…then the next question…so what do we call it?... Well at our heart as a family are the two most important and precious things in our lives…who are always the root of our thoughts and the conscious decisions we make to sacrifice things for ourselves and provide for them… Yes…our children… So when deciding to avoid paying extortionate prices and to make the jewellery pieces for myself to save money…the root of it all…to provide for our children….so we thought it was only apt to name the business after them…our two amazing sons! Their middle names to be precise… Joseph and Lee… JoLee… and so we have Jolee Jewellery…light bulb moment and everything fits perfectly into the ethos of our family company.


Family and Friend's involvement

So in the life of our business we’ve always had a fantastic input from family and friends and we thank them all… Family and close friends have been at the root of what we do…from involvement in Ordering, Design, Making, Threading, Processing, Photography, Social Media, Website, Purchasing, Packaging, to general support and advice…all have played some part and been involved….we thank you all so much for your help…which has helped us enormously to make this business the success it is today.